What is the best aloe vera drink?

Aloe vera

Folk medicine is a part of alternative medicine, which is fraught with the knowledge about all the diseases, treatment methods and means of treatment of different diseases, which came from generation to generation. Earlier folk medicine cannot be isolated from the traditional medicine and the term «traditional medicine» appeared and described then all the actions of the population in relation to healthy way of life.

Folk medicine has absorbed in itself all of the representation of the people of the treatment of diseases. Such concepts as «folk medicine» and «medical superstition» are two similar concepts. In modern medicine there are only two hundred species of medicinal plants, as at the same time specifically for the treatment of the diseases folk medicine includes twenty-five thousand species!

At the moment absolutely healthy people do not exist. Different types of allergies, chronic diseases, diseases of internal organs, diseases of the nervous and disorders appear in the body at a very young age . One of the most valuable herb in folk medicine is aloe vera plant and its juice is regarded as the best aloe vera drink.

Aloe – succulent plant of the family Aloaceae (in other sources – Liliaceae), containing about 400 species. Genus name comes from the Arabic language, the translation of which means «bitter». The genus comprises multi-year leafy grass, shrub or tree-like plants with thick fleshy (succulent) gladiate leaves assembled in a rosette and placed them in a spiral. The edges of leaves can be smooth or jagged, – lined along the edge of the sharp thorns or soft cilia. The pulp sheet is divided into specific cells that retain moisture reserves in times of drought. The flowers are small, tubular, white, red, yellow or orange, located on the long stem in apical multiflowered brush.

Aloe is a member of the family Liliaceae. On our planet you can find more than 350 species of this plant. But only Aloe Miller is the most effective for their preventive and curative and therapeutic properties. Aloe leaves are filled with a great amount of fluid that is full of vitally important components. That’s why it is regarded as the «Queen of medicinal plants». It speaks of its great potential. In the time of Ancient Egypt this liquid was known for its impact on our health.

It is difficult to call any other medicinal plant that contribute to the self-curing properties of our organism, as this succulent does. Thus, a unique combination of over 200 pure biological substances contained in the plant are of great importance. The best aloe vera drink includes the following components:

- vitamins (all vitamins except vitamin D);

- trace elements;

- enzymes, exude alkaline phosphatase; amylase, lignin;

- simple sugars promoting the strength of the immune system, accelerates the healing of wounds, improves the condition of the blood vessels, the intestines;

- polysaccharides.

It is believed that the various components of this liquid cope with arthritis, high blood pressure, digestive problems the liver condition.

You can use aloe drink:

- to cleans the organism from slags

- to cope with llergy and intoxications

- to have anti-inflammatory effect

- to improve blood clotting

- to control the hemoglobin in the blood

- to act as natural antibiotic

- to reduce the side effects of pharmaceutical preparations

- to act as an antidepressant

- to prevent ulcers, as well as to treat diseases

- to promote cell renewal

- to stimulate immunity for its oppression

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  1. Helios says:

    I use aloe vera juice when I have swollen sore gums – I rinse my mouth with the juice 3-4 times a day and the inflammation goes away much faster.

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