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Use Aloe Vera for Burns

Burns can be really painful depending on the degree of severity. Friction, radiation, heat, light and electricity are some of the common causes for burns. The treatment for burn too depends on the severity of the damage caused. Though there are numerous creams and lotions available in the market to treat burn injuries, but aloe vera is still a trusted treatment. This amazing plant gel has been used for centuries to treat burn injuries.

The soothing effect of aloe vera gel takes away the burning sensation and helps to reduce the pain. High moisture content of aloe vera penetrates deep into the skin and treats the injuries. Apart from this, the anti-septic properties of aloe vera keeps burn related infection at bay.

Even doctors recommend the use the aloe vera to treat minor burn injuries. They too believe in the healing and soothing effect of this amazing plant.

Here we look at how you can use aloe vera for burns treatment:

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Aloe Vera for Fungus (Dandruff)

It has been known about wonderful aloe vera properties for fungus since ancient time. All these recipes are still worldwide now. Many people are willing to use them to cope with fungus infections. Here we are going to tell how to use this succulent plant for dandruff.

Aloe vera medicinal properties

-Antibacterial properties;
-Antifungal properties:
-Antiseptic properties;
-Moisturizing properties
-The properties to reduce pigmentation and scars;
-Properties to cleanse the blood;
-Properties to increase insulin production.

aloe vera plant

Univerasal Aloe Vera Oil Benefits

Aloe vera is a wonderful plant looking like a cactus. Nevertheless, it belongs completely to another family – lilies. The history of this medicinal plant starts from the time of Alexander the Great, who, at Aristotle’s request, conquered Socotra island located in the Indian ocean. Recordings of that time state that the local aborigines have cultivated a kind of plant Sabur (we call it aloe Vera), which could help in many diseases and intensify healing of wounds.

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How to Use Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera Juice for Heartburn

Aloe is a home doctor. In ancient times it was used mainly for healing wounds and skin diseases treatment. However, the healing quality of aloe is not limited. Historical documents indicate that the plant was successfully used by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Arabs, Greeks and Chinese not only as a therapeutic, and cosmetic.

For example, even an Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, known for its beauty, valued aloe and used creams and ointments made from this plant. In Russia aloe juice was included in the old list “elixirs for long life.” When considering its curative properties it was found that aloe promotes tissue regeneration, stimulates protective forces of an organism, has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action.

How to use aloe vera

• In oral mucosal diseases and ulcerative stomatitis fresh aloe juice is recommended to rinse the mouth and throat.

• Fresh juice treat runny nose, entering into the nostrils of 5 drops of juice every 3 hours for 3 days.

Aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera and Diabetes. The Results of Scientific Research

As it is known, proper nutrition in such diseases as diabetes includes the use of normal amounts of minerals and vitamins, fiber, as well as the consumption of food that is rich in acids omega-3, the limitation of fast carbohydrates.

Aloe vera juice normalizes the work of the pancreas well. Its application together with proper nutrition helps to restore metabolism and chemical balance in diabetes mellitus.

Products with aloe vera are not drugs, therefore, their application may not give guarantees for the cure of the disease, but they can significantly help the body of people who are insulin-dependent, as well as prevent disease.

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Recommendations for Asian Diet

Asian diet appeals to people due to the fact that the Chinese have been following this diet for four thousand years. It helps them keep fit and be in a good condition. However, when they move to a western country and begin to eat, as we people do there, they gain weight and they get various health problems. That’s why Asian diet is so recommended for people living all over the world.

The Chinese on average use 25-40 per cent more calories than Americans. The fact that they do not gain weight is explained by the fact that they consume calories from natural sources. These products provide you with energy, satisfy your appetite and help to cleansу the organism.

However, you don’t have to eat Chinese food or even Asian dishes every day to follow this diet. The main thing is to follow the basic principles of food, which are common for all Asian countries. First of all, Asian diet is based on grains and boiled vegetables.

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Best Acne Diet with Aloe Vera Works Miracles

Acne diet is included in the complex for the fight against acne, because, as you know, this skin problem is not treated by any miracle-means. The treatment of acne requires an integrated approach.

Best acne diet is usually based on certain rules. Following these rules greatly increases your chances to get rid of this disease

Does food we consume every day affect the appearance of acne. Yes, it is really so! But! Food is the most direct way affects our digestion, and a healthy gastrointestinal tract provides a huge percentage of success in the treatment of acne.

Aloe vera plant

The Fruitarian Diet Benefits with Aloe Vera Gel

The fruitarian diet based on increased consumption of fruit, different kinds of seeds and nuts is very similar to so-called diet of the stone age. Today, fresh fruits, seeds as well as different kinds of juices are available everywhere. Therefore people living in different parts of our planet can to lose weight following this diet.

Fruit diet is simple and useful

It would be strange, if a diet existed in a single version. As a rule, there are varieties of this kind of diet. This way to lose weight is considered to be very pleasant and helpful.

aloe vera plant

Hypertension Can be Cured Without Medicines. Good Foods for High Blood Pressure

Prolonged hypertension leads to the disease of left ventricle of the heart, and the aorta expansion. As a result, heart failure and ischemic heart disease develop. It is necessary to monitor blood pressure constantly.

Let’s try to understand what happens in the organism when the blood pressure increases.

The heart pumps blood at the optimum pressure, but the pressure on the walls of the vessels can increase for various reasons. Increased pressure can be caused by emotional excitement, and stress.

If the pressure has been high for a long time or has been followed by headache, dizziness, weakness, rapid heartbeat, it is necessary to get prenatal care and appropriate treatment.

Aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera and Other Products Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

We all know that cholesterol is dangerous for our health. Due to a high viscosity of blood clots are formed. They accumulate on the walls of blood vessels, which interferes with the normal circulation of blood. Cholesterol plaques form blood clots, which cannot pass through the narrowed blood vessels; cut off the lumen of the arteries, therefore there is a blockage of blood vessels, which provokes many diseases. And a torn off blood clot is an instant death.

We can prevent this problem with the help of products lowering cholesterol naturally. Eating properly and eating the right foods, you can, without any wonder drugs, lower cholesterol level in the blood. Why should you drink drugs, if there are quite acceptable means for the maintenance of cholesterol on the necessary level.